The Prince of Tennis

Кунимицу Тэдзука
Принц тенниса [ТВ]
The Prince of Tennis
Tennis no Ouji-sama TV

Манга была адаптирована в аниме-сериал режиссёром Такаюки Хамана на студии Trans Arts и он был спродюсирован Nihon Ad Systems и TV Tokyo. Аниме демонстрировалось в Японии по спутниковому каналу Animax и сети TV Tokyo с 10 октября 2001 года до 30 марта 2005, показав всего 178 серий. В апреле 2006 года OVA-продолжение аниме было выпущено на DVD. Начало второго OVA-сериала было выпущено 22 июня 2007 года приблизительно через 3 месяца после первого. Вторая OVA закончилась 25 января 2008 года и третья и последняя OVA началась 25 апреля 2008.

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Принц тенниса [ТВ] [2001]
The Prince of Tennis
Tennis no Ouji-sama TV

Производство: Япония Япония
Жанр: спорт, комедия, сёнэн
Тип: ТВ (178 эп. + 2 спэшла), 22 мин.
Выпуск: c 10.10.2001 по 30.03.2005
Выпуск в 19:00 [вечерний сеанс] на TV Tokyo
Режиссёр: Хамана Такаюки
Снято по манге: Tennis no Ouji-sama
Автор оригинала: Кономи Такэси

001. The Prince Appears
002. Samurai Junior
003. The Regular Members Have Arrived!
004. The man they called Snake
005. Snake?!
006. That man, Echizen Nanjiro...
007. Two Ryoma's
008. Split Step
009. The Hard Day
010. Counter Attack! Sasabe Once Again
011. Ryoma vs. Momoshiro
012. The Two AH-UN Boys
013. Men Play Doubles!
014. The Swallow Return
015. Their Respective Fights
016. Boomerang Snake
017. The Small Winning Pose
018. Love Letter
019. Ryoma is Injured
020. Time Limit
021. Is the Tennis Court Heating Up?
022. Kaoru's Misfortune
023. Appeared! Inui's Juice Deluxe!
024. Ryoma's Holiday
025. The Strongest Man in Seigaku
026. The Strongest Man in Seigaku (part II)
027. Karupin's Adventure
028. A New Regular Appears!
029. Momo and the Viper
030. Mizuki's Scenario
031. Moon Volley
032. Super Move! Eiji's Pretend to Sleep Attack
033. Tiebreak
034. Twist Spin Shot
035. Drive B
036. Syusuke Fuji, the Big Brother
037. Tennis Ball With Ryomas Face
038. Penal - Tea
039. Higuma Otoshi! (Bear Drop)
040. A Duel in the Rain
041. Trouble
042. Oishi Being Targeted
043. Lucky Sengoku
044. Jack Knife
045. The Devil on the Court
046. Samurai Spirit
047. Will Not Lose
048. Decisive Moment
049. Different kind of fight
050. Seigaku's claim to fame
051. Inui's challenge
052. Seigaku's biggest crisis
053. The Momo who's returned
054. Kaoru's special training
055. Hyotei presses near
056. Doubles for 3
057. Scud serve
058. The worst compatibility
059. The hidden trouble
060. Power vs. Power
061. Duel of Hadoukyuu
062. The Disappearing Serve
063. The Last Triple Counter
064. Teni Puri - Super Soldier & Beware of Snow White & Jump out Seigaku
065. Become Seigaku's Pillar of Support
066. Rondo Towards Destruction
067. The Last Shot
068. The Never Ending Tie-Break
069. Who Will be a Regular?
070. Tennis vs Ping Pong
071. It's a Date!
072. Kaoru becomes Ryoma
073. Tezuka's Decision
074. A Message for Echizen
075. Farewell, Kunimitsu Tezuka
076. Seigaku vs. Jyousei Shounan
077. The Fight Between the Calm and the Passionate
078. Thunderbolt
079. I Formation
080. Style of the Pretender
081. Viper vs. Fake Viper
082. Hanamura's Temptation
083. The Best Masterpiece
084. Deep Impulse
085. The Result of the Deadly Duel
086. High on Rhythm
087. Tennis Folktale - The Prince of Bowling & Prince Detective
088. Tennis Folktale - The Prince of Bowling & Prince Detective (part II)
089. Seigaku, DaDaDan!
090. Cheap Housing Beach Volleyball
091. Rokkaku's Freshman Captain
092. The Boy with the Long Racket
093. Dash Hadoukyuu
094. The Secret Plan to Seal Kikumaru
095. Tsubame Gaeshi, Broken
096. Heat up Ryoma!
097. Finishing Smash
098. The Prince of Billiards
099. The Cursed Racket
100. Captain Oishi
101. Eat Rikkaidai
102. Mizuki's Whispers
103. Tossing and Turning
104. Ryoma vs. Sanada
105. Ryoma's Fiasco
106. Let's Go Camping!
107. The Chairman Shows Up!
108. Surprise at Camp
109. Tennis Biathalon
110. Jump, Kabaji!
111. Original Prodigy: Fuji Syuusuke
112. Hadoukyuu vs. Scud Serve
113. Atobe the Beautiful
114. Ryoma is Going!
115. Baseball is a Game for Men
116. Seigaku vs. Champion Rikkaidai! I'll be the One who'll Win! (part I)
117. Seigaku vs. Champion Rikkaidai! I'll be the One who'll Win! (part II)
118. Battle Ceremony
119. Tightrope Walking Doubles
120. Kikumaru Was Read By Niou
121. Yagyuu's Decision
122. Inui Hollers
123. Conclusion Of The Remembered Game
124. Kirihara's Red Trap
125. Angry Fuji
126. Clash! Ryoma vs. Sanada
127. Invisible Serve
128. Conclusion ~ Which One will Win?
129. The Samurai's Ballad
130. We Miss Tezuka
131. Never Give Up
132. The Zany Teni-Puri Family & Continued - The Zany Teni-Puri Family
133. The Best Sushi Chef in Japan
134. My Prince
135. Kikumaru's Summer Vacation
136. Junior Selection Camp, Gathered
137. The Member Who was not Trusted
138. Ryoma vs. Kirihara! Beyond Battle Rage
139. Sengoku Kiyosumi, Reborn!
140. Welcome Back, Tezuka Kunimitsu
141. Atobe vs. Sanada: The Ultimate Showdown
142. The Boy who Came from America
143. Tezuka's Choice
144. The Dream Team is Formed!
145. Ryoma and Kevin
146. The American Team's Ambitions
147. The Strongest! Atobe & Sanada
148. Baker's Scenario
149. Tango Towards Destruction
150. Gorgeous Guys' Doubles
151. Marionette of Sadness
152. Bobby Max the Beast
153. Challenging the limits
154. The Prodigy vs. Tennis Machine
155. The 1 mm Battle
156. Who Will Play?
157. Delusive Phantom Ball
158. The Long-awaited Game - Ryoma vs Kevin
159. Illusion
160. Game and Match
161. Run, Momo!
162. Golden Pair's memories
163. Kaidou's unknown world
164. Seigaku's marvellous tactique
165. To go to the Tenipuri Hawaii house!? / Tenipuri house's Christmas
166. Seigaku's specialty, once more
167. Eternal rivals, Momoshiro vs Kaidou
168. Ryoma's decision
169. Swinging emotions
170. Burn, Echizen!
171. Dear Tomo...
172. Buh-bye Seigaku
173. Samurai New York
174. Tezuka Kunimitsu vs Fuji Syuusuke
175. The third years' seriousness
176. Climax
177. Never-forgotten promise
178. Good-bye, Prince
New Year's Special (22 мин)
A Day of the Survival Mountain (32 мин)

Принц тенниса OVA-1 [2006]
The Prince of Tennis: The National Tournament
Tennis no Ouji-sama: Zenkoku Taikai hen
Tennis no Ohjisama - Zenkoku Taikai Hen
Tennis no Ohjisama OVA
テニスの王子様 -全国大会篇-

Производство: Япония Япония
Жанр: спорт, сёнэн
Тип: OAV (13 эп.), 25 мин.
Выпуск: c 24.03.2006 по 23.03.2007
Режиссёр: Тада Сюнсукэ
01. Return of the Prince
02. Hot & Cool
03. The Fourth Counter
04. Kikumaru Alone
05. The Longest Summer
06. The Man Called Killer
07. The Prince of Volleyball
08. The Calm before the Storm
09. Unbreakable Spirit
10. Decisive Battle
11. Tezuka Kunimitsu
12. Two People
13. Deathmatch - Emperor vs. Prince

Принц тенниса OVA-2 [2007]
The Prince of Tennis: The National Tournament Semifinals
Tennis no Ouji-sama: Zenkoku Taikai hen - Semifinal

Производство: Япония Япония
Жанр: спорт, сёнэн
Тип: OAV (6 эп.), 25 мин.
Выпуск: c 22.06.2007 по 25.01.2008
Режиссёр: Тада Сюнсукэ
01. Fudoumine vs. Shitenhouji Battle
02. Recording of the Battle between Shitenhouji's Fuji and Shiraishi
03. The Horror Of The Amusing Tennis
04. Seigaku's Dead Weight
05. Two doors
06. One Ball Match!

Принц тенниса OVA-3 [2008]
The Prince of Tennis: The National Tournament Final
Tennis no Ouji-sama: Zenkoku Taikai hen - Final

Производство: Япония Япония
Жанр: спорт
Тип: OAV (6 эп. + спэшл), 25 мин.
Выпуск: c 25.07.2008 по 23.01.2009
Режиссёр: Тада Сюнсукэ
01. Top confrontation
02. Our Way
03. Can You See the Stars in Broad Daylight!?
04. The Only One in My Heart
05. Final Decisive Battle! The Prince vs. The Demigod
06. Dear Prince: To the Princes of Tennis
00. The Prince of Grilled Meat (25.04.2008)

Принц тенниса OVA-4 [2009]
Prince of Tennis Another Story - Messages from Past and Future
Tennis no Ouji-sama OVA Another Story: Kako to Mirai no Message

Производство: Япония Япония
Жанр: спорт, комедия
Тип: OVА (4 эп.), 23 мин.
Выпуск: c 26.05.2009 по 25.09.2009
Режиссёр: Тада Сюнсукэ

Принц тенниса - Фильм [2005]
The Prince of Tennis: The Two Samurai, The First Game
Tennis no Oujisama: Futari no Samurai The First Game
Gekijouban Tennis no Ouji-sama - Futari no Samurai: The First Game
The Prince of Tennis - Two Samurai: The First Game
Prince of Tennis: The First Game
劇場版 テニスの王子様 二人のサムライ The First Game
劇場版 テニスの王子様 二人のサムライThe First Game
テニスの王子様 二人のサムライ The First Game
人のサムライ The First Game

Производство: Япония Япония
Жанр: спорт, сёнэн
Тип: полнометражный фильм, 65 мин.
Премьера: 29.01.2005
Режиссёр:Хамана Такаюки

Принц тенниса: Дар Атобэ [2005]
The Prince of Tennis: A Gift from Atobe
Tennis no Oujisama: Atobe Kara no Okurimono - Kimi ni Sasageru Tenipri Matsuri
劇場版 テニスの王子様 跡部からの贈り物 君に捧げるテニプリ祭り

Производство:Япония Япония
Жанр: спорт, сёнэн
Тип: короткометражный фильм, 30 мин.
Премьера: 29.01.2005
Режиссер: Хамана Такаюки
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